The Work Programme is a project which FSS Ltd. participates in wholeheartedly. This project, which runs in conjunction with JOBS+, helps unemployed and inactive people to retrain themselves in order to become more employable in today’s labour market.

Each course within the Work Programme framework varies from Basic Maltese to Work Ethics. All courses, each lasting 25 hours, are fully accredited with NCFHE. This means that every person would receive an accredited certificate at the end of each course.

After providing the necessary training, FSS Ltd. assists every individual to find a job. Moreover, it stays in contact which every person for up to 3 years from when they found an employment to make sure that they have successfully integrated themselves in the labour market.

This project is free for every person who applies. In order to be eligible, a person must be inactive from work for the past 12 months or has been registering for employment 12 months over the last two years. Candidates must also be over 25 years old of age.