The Youth Guarantee is an EU-wide project which tries to solve the youth NEETs problems. NEETs stands for Not in Education, Employment or Training. In Malta, FSS Ltd. is the lead partner in this project together with the Ministry for Education and Employment. To solve inactivity amongst Maltese youths, FSS  Ltd. is embarking on a systematic approach of profiling, training and work placements. The aim of the project is to make these youngsters more employable, be more interested in searching for employment or proceed to become students in formal education to gain an accredited qualification.

FSS Ltd. does this by interviewing each and every youth so that professionals decide which course is suitable for them. Thereafter, adequate accredited training is given to every youth, complemented with support services provided by youth workers. The training given varies from soft skills, such as, the writing of a CV, preparing for an interview to Behavioural skills and Attitude skills.

As soon as the training is concluded, these youths are then exposed to a work placement, whilst still meeting their youth workers every week to observe and assist in their success.